Undergarment Gear for the Social Tango Dancer

There you are at that fabulous Milonga in the perfect dress. The first tanda gets your adrenaline pumping but soon you’re hot and sweaty-messy. You have to adjust your dress a few times or pull at your top and twist back your skirt before you start dancing again. Before the night is over, your top is all over the place, the below the knee hemline is now a mini and your underwear is well – a pain in the behind!

You already know the tango closet basics: Choosing comfortable tango shoes and wearing a dress or skirt with sufficient room for movement. But don’t forget about essentials that nobody can see: the correct under garments! Choosing the right under garments for your favorite Tango ensemble requires only a bit of planning ahead to avoid those dreaded tango wardrobe malfunctions that makes for an evening spoiler:

1. How to Avoid “The Nip Slip”

As our torso shifts so do our tops. Tops for Tango are best when they are form fitting at least around your chest. If you love to wear low cut, backless or cowl halter tops use breast Petals to cover the nipple. High quality Fashion tape also helps to make necklines stay in place. .

2. How to Avoid “VPL”

Tango clothing is usually form fitting as it accentuates curves but unfortunately, unless it’s made to order; clothing may not fit perfectly. Avoid panty lines by making sure your underwear is the correct size. The smaller the underwear, the tighter the fit. Try a good fitting body shaper to smooth out body lines. Body shapers, Waist shapers and body slimmers are available in a wide array of styles from thongs and rompers to backless and low back options. Body shapers also keep dresses in place.  When choosing bodywear, make sure you think about the length of the leg to avoid them showing thru the slits on your skirts and dresses. Always wear underwear with skirts! Specially for Boleos, Ganchos and other Adornos.

3. How to Wear Backless Dresses

This is by far the most popular question I receive by customers when purchasing the Sabrina Low Back Dress. Here are some basic rules:

  • Cup size A-C: wear silicone cups or cup cinchers.
  • Cup size D or bigger: wear a bra converter or convertible low back bra.
  • If you must wear a regular bra: no matter what size you are, have us customize your dress with a higher back.
  • Bralettes are also great choices for providing lift and adding great back detail to your dress.

Wearing tango apparel adds a twist of sexy to your mood, your style and your dance itself. The correct under garments will prevent common wardrobe malfunctions and add overall confidence on the dance floor.

What’s your trick of the trade?

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